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Ian M. McIntosh Photography presents an eclectic mixture of stock photographic images, available for royalty-free use and offered at very competitive rates.

The images presented on this website are the personal work of Ian M. McIntosh, and are a mixture of scans taken from colour transparencies or black and white negatives from conventional film cameras and images taken using digital cameras.

The images on these gallery pages are low-resolution previews. Purchased images are high resolution image files in TIFF or JPEG formats: These files will typically render to around A4 size at 300dpi. Lower resolution versions are offered and printed images can be produced on request.

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This site uses PayPal for purchases. Click here to register to use this service. Gav's World is another source of photographic images, mainly Scottish scenic views Ian McIntosh also runs the Liberton High School Reunion Website, Libby '78 and the System-level JTAG website Please visit my local nature reserve, Cullaloe, near Aberdour, run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust.