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Are you in this photo?

If you are, youíll realise that itís the Liberton High School 6th Year photo, taken in 1978 - What you may not have realised is that June 2003 marked 25 years since this band of innocents left school to make their way in the world!

Well, a quarter century seemed like a handy excuse for organising a party, and thatís just what we did through this site! And now it carries on...

This year is the school's 50th anniversary as well as our 30th so that ought to encourage a few more of you to turn out. This time, Liberton is organising an event, so let's just tag along - see the item on the News page.

Donít be discouraged if your mugshot isnít included - Weíre still interested in people who may have left in earlier years, but were classmates of the above, or even those from other years who were friendly with this mob! So please look around the site and then wander off to other destinations on the Web, but be sure to check back here occasionally, for more Libby Reunion News!

Recent news items...

  • 8th October 2008 - End of the website domain
  • 17th June 2008 - An Apology and the 50th Anniversary
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