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Image Sizes

The images on this site are reduced resolution previews. Purchased images will typically reproduce at 300dpi up to roughly A4 or 10" x 8" size. Details of the original image, size in pixels, is given with each photograph

Image sizes given in the pricing tables are based on traditional UK photographic paper sizes, e.g. 8" x 5" (approximately 200mm x 130mm), but are nominal sizes only for comparison: Cropping introduces variations in aspect ratios, however images will generally fit to the larger dimension quoted.

The following shows the approximate range of pixel sizes and corresponding JPEG image file sizes for each of the traditional paper sizes:
Paper Size Pixels on longest edge File size
10" x 8"
(250 x 200mm)
2700 to 3500 4MB
8" x 5"
(200 x 125mm)
2000 to 2700 2MB
5" x 4"
(125 x 100mm)
1200 to 2000 1.0MB
Web Image
(75 dpi)
800 300kB

Note that TIFF files can be 4 times larger than JPEG files.

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