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Terms and Conditions

1. Copyright
All photographic images on this site remain the copyright of Ian M. McIntosh. Any reproduction must acknowledge Ian M. McIntosh as the owner of that copyright.

2. Assigned Reproduction Rights
The purchaser may reproduce the image, either in whole or in part for such purposes as personal use and viewing, inclusion as illustrations in published material, or other artistic uses. The image may be reproduced as often as required.

3. Limitation of Reproduction Rights
Licence to reproduce is granted only to the original purchaser on a non-exclusive basis. The purchaser may not re-sell the image other than as part of an artwork or other published work, and may not re-assign the Reproduction Rights to a third party.

4. Image formats
Unless printed copies are specifically requested by the purchaser, images shall be supplied in digital formats (JPEG or TIFF) either by electronic delivery (e.g. by e-mail) or by post on CD.

5. Use of promotional images
The preview images presented on this site are "promotional images" of lower quality than the retail images. These may be freely reproduced for non-profit making purposes. In such cases, condition 1 above still stands.

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