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Reunion News
Here’s where you’ll find the most up-to-date information on how we’re progressing with setting up the reunion. Keep checking this page, as any breaking news will appear here first.

To help you, we’ll note the date of the last update to the page here:
8th October 2008

8th October 2008 - End of the website domain
I've now officially cancelled the domain name registration, so if you got here today using that domain name then it's just because things have rippled through the system yet. The site still exists just as it did before, except that the URL is now Note that the "L" must be a capital!

17th June 2008 - An Apology and the 50th Anniversary
Sorry, but work and personal life has prevented me from doing anything with this website for many months. If there had been a bit more interest, then I may have been ecouraged to keep this updated more frequently, but as it is, I'll be giving up the domain name when the renewal comes due in a few months.
And a side note David McGow - Yes, some people do still read this site!

As some of you may have worked out (or read in the Evening News a little while back), this year is not only "our" 30th anniversary, but it is also the school's 50th anniversary, and there is at least one other FP group trying to organise something aroud that milestone. However, there is an "official" event on 23rd August - please see the Anniversary Blog here:

6th October 2006 - Facelift
No, not me (keep your opinions to yourselves, thanks) - the website. I was a bit bored after work, so I decided to refresh the layout a bit. Not too much, hopefully just enough to get a bit of interest back in for wee while.

Anyway, I decided to renew the domain name and keep the site going. I hope it's all worthwhile.

I'll send you all the bill later...

29th August 2006 - Domain Name Renewal
So not much has happened for a while - Well, nothing anyone could be bothered to tell me about!

OK. It's two years since we registered the name for this website as a cheaper replacement for the old name. But due to the (apparent) loss of interest in the whole re-union thing, I'm wondering whether it's worth my while renewing the ownership of the domain name?

Get in touch and let me know!!!

29th October 2005 - A Poor Turnout
Well, I knew quite a few people weren't able to make it, but the turn out last night was still disappointing, to say the least, as only three of us bothered to turn up: Ian Goodbrand, Gordon Mackinnon and Ian McIntosh.

Anyway, we had a good blether for a couple of hours...

Gordon "Glancer" Mackinnon and Ian "Bobby" Goodbrand

The only two other mugs to turn up!

If anyone else was there, but we somehow missed each other, then apologies. Maybe if we got some current photos on the website...

27th September 2005 - A New Date!
In the absence of any substantial comments (thanks for the support, folks) I've arbitrarily decided on Friday 28th October for the 2nd Libby '78 Reunion.

So let's meet up in The Standing Order, from around 7:30pm or so.

Copyright © JR

13th September 2005 - Website Re-vamp
The use of frames on the website has been causing problems, the major of which are:

  • Discussion forum failures (see below)
  • Search engines not cataloging the site

  • I've now re-coded the entire site to remove the frames. The end result, although almost unnoticeable, is actually slightly tidier on some displays.

    12th September 2005 - Nothing Happening
    Due to a lengthy illness in the family and ultimately a bereavement, this site hasn't been updated for some time, so no progress has been made on arranging a reunion.
    I'll get back to you all shortly.

    27th July 2005 - Discussion Forum Update
    I recently noticed that sometime people could log in to the forum, then as soon as they clicked on something, they were logged straight back out again. This didn't affect everyone though.
    I tried changing all the interactive content of the website over to a new server, upgrading the forum software, and re-setting all the file securities, before working out that it was a combination of Internet Explorer 6, the way the login "cookies" work and the fact that the website uses frames.
    I've re-coded the site navigation, so the the forum now uses the full browser window, and that seems to have cured the problem!

    24th July 2005 - New Mailing List Controls!
    Up to now we've simply sent out e-mails to everyone who had taken some kind of interest in the web site, so no doubt a few people who aren't seriously interested in a re-union got mail they didn't want. Also, there may be a few people who are interested, but are wary of getting in touch directly.
    For all of these, I've added a couple of scripts to make it easy for you add yourself to or remove yourself from the mailing list. Just click on the Mail List button at the left of any page.

    14th July 2005 - E-mail Refresh!
    I previously posted a note commenting that I may have lost a few of your e-mail addresses. Well, it seems that on top of that, some of you have have changed ISPs or otherwise discontinued the e-mail addresses that I have. The following people's addresses were "bounced" during my mailshot of 12th July:

  • Aran Edge
  • Ronnie Tully
  • Pete Shillito
  • Ricky Skedd

  • Can I ask that those above get back in touch so I have up-to date addresses? Thanks.
    Also, if you can each check the Attendance page, you'll be able to see all those I don't have e-mail addresses for. If you know any of these people (or anyone other ex-Libbys) then please pass on the word.

    12th July 2005 - Round 2, Take 2!
    Well, that's damn near another year gone by. Interest seemed to fizzle out last year, probably not helped by a few problems we were having with the interactive parts of the website.
    Everything seems to be working OK now, so let's some ideas going now for something towards the end of summer?

    6th October 2004 - Round 2!
    Well, another year has passed, so we must be due another go! I've e-mailed everyone I have contact details for, so now it's up to you to get in touch with me and let me know who's available.

    30th September 2004 - New Address
    As you must now realise, we had to change the website URL (address) to - This wasn't entirely by choice, but when I moved the site to a new "hosting" service it worked out cheaper to have a adress than the old one.
    Such are the tribulations of running a web site...

    25th October 2003 - The Report!
    Well, after some serious prodding from John Jordan, we eventually managed to get together in The Standing Order for an evening of drinks, chats, drinks, reminiscences, and drinks...

    All in all we had around 15 people turn up (I lost track around 9:30), which doesn't seem too bad considering the relatively short notice given in the end. Ricky Skedd couldn't make it, but roped his wee brother in to attend as a deputy - nice one Tich!

    At least we managed to recognise each other, although there was bit of "I know that face - don't tell me...", and I think if it hadn't been for the occasion, we'd all have passed each other in the street without a thought!. I think the general feeling was that the girls were still recognisable from the school photos, but we gents had mostly gone grey, bald or fat (and sometimes all three).

    Much "catching up" happened last night, along with memories of old school mates, questions like "Can you remember the name of that teacher who used to play tennis at lunchtimes in the really short skirt?", etc.
    A few folk have been missed, and there now seems to be no trace of them - Robin Paisley and Susan Miller were two who came readily to mind.

    How about making this an annual event? More than a couple of people seemed to be in favour of this - let us know what you think!

    I have to thank Chris Maclennan who turned up trumps and not only produced an "old style" Libby School Badge for me to scan, but also had a school tie! Cheers mate, I'll get the badge back to you shortly.

    22nd October 2003 - Find us!
    I guess some of us won't be recognisable to each other any more, and it'd be criminal if someone turned up a couldn't find the rest of the group. I'll try to find some way of attracting attention without having to wave a big banner and looking like a total prat! Anyway, this is what your webmaster looks like nowadays:

    2nd October 2003 - Countdown!
    OK, the feedback has been almost non-existent, so we're setting up a fairly informal get together in a town centre pub. Probably suits most people, anyway.
    The reunion will be in "The Standing Order" in George Street, on the Friday 24th October and we'll meet up around 7:30pm or so. That's 19:30 for anyone with a 24 hour watch! Look out for your e-mail invite and PLEASE pass the word on to anyone else who may not be contactable electronically. I've also updated the posting on Friends Reunited for good measure.
    We neglected to mention in the e-mailed invitations that your all welcome to bring partners, if you like - sorry for that omission.
    Hope to see you all there on the 24th!

    12th May 2003 - Time's Up!
    Time's run out and response through the Web site has been a bit non-committal, so we need a simple indication of who would be interested in attending a reunion during the latter part of the summer. Please e-mail us and please let us know if there are particular dates during August/September that are definitely bad for you, but note that we're still happy to collect suggestions and comments via the Discussion Forum too.
    At the moment numbers look like a possible 15-25 based on the contacts we've had so far: There will be some people who can't make it, but there's probably a few who've been watching the site and are interested but haven't made contact with us yet, and there are at least a couple of people we know of who don't have routine access to e-mail etc. If you know of anyone in this latter category, please pass the word on.
    We've posted a list of people who've expressed an interest on the Reunion Attendees page.

    7th April 2003 - A Milestone!
    We've just clocked up our one thousandth visitor to the web site! This may not seem a big deal to some, but this is a freebie, part-time web site with a limited potential audience.
    We're pleased, anyway.

    E-mail Security
    Recently, we've had a number of contacts from people falsely claiming to be ex-Libby pupils: Why anyone would want to do this is a complete mystery. We have to assume that it is some kind of scam to obtain e-mail addresses. Consequently, with a mind to our user's privacy, the guest book has been amended so that it no longer includes links to e-mail addresses. You are still asked to provide one when you fill in the form, but it is now only for our own use.
    The discussion forum has always included an option to hide your e-mail address.
    When contacting Libby '78 by e-mail, we understand that people sometimes need to use web-mail accounts (like Hotmail), but we ask that you include your "regular" e-mail address within your message, to help determine authenticity. Thanks.

    Site Appearance
    Regular visitors may have noticed that the 'navigation' buttons for the site have changed. The old buttons were a bit big and gave some people problems getting everything in the browser window. The buttons are now attached to JavaScript code instead of using client side mapping (for anyone interested in the technicalities).
    We also took the opportunity to swap the green stripe down the left for a pastel blue one that's a bit more in keeping with the colour scheme used through the rest of the site.

    Due to a site admin problem (outside our control - honest!) we lost the contents of the forum, including all the member logins. Sorry, but everyone will need to create new logins, if they haven't already done so.
    We'll be implementing a new backup policy from now on, to try to avoid any repetition.

    Outline Plan for this Website
    From creation of this site (in July 2002), it was hoped to use the time up to January 2003 to spread the word and collect opinions on the form the reunion should take. The response to date has been, frankly, disappointing, so we've had to shift the timescales somewhat.
    We'll now take suggestions and initial comment until Spring 2003, say mid-April.
    Then, having built up a picture of what is required we’ll set about the real business of organising the event. No doubt some things won’t work out, but we’ll keep you posted on the progress we’re making.
    This probably means that we won't be able to arrange a reunion until late summer (August or September).
    About a month before the actual event we’ll send out proper invitations and/or tickets to all those who intend to attend.

    Up to 8Mb broadband, now with broadband phone calls. From only £9.99 per month - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

    Libby ‘78

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