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since 1 July 2004

Libby 78 Reunion Attendance

We've marked up our list of contacts according to how committed each person is to attending a reunion later this year:

Intend to come, Unlikely to be make it, Not yet decided. E-mail address known.

Ronnie Inwood Valerie Kneale
Chris McLennan Alayne Halliday
Ian McIntosh Richard Skedd
Graham Naysmith Alex Dick
Steve McQueen Aran Edge
Gary Hall Billy Johnson
John Jordan David McGow
Moira Burnside Gordon Mackinnon
Ian Goodbrand Graeme Reid
John Saunderson Iain Mulholland
Yvonne Harcus Ronnie Tully
Ian Thomson Nicola Eaton
Stevie Connor Evelyn McGow
Gary Meikle David Hood
Graham Gallacher James Degnan
Kenny MacDonald Martin Mewse
Mo Todd Gillian Paterson
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Libby 78

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